Club shows in 2021

The club holds two main shows each year in Manor Park, Glossop.  All proceeds from the shows are donated to charities. From the 2019 shows we donated to the Glossopdale Foodbank. See our charities page for more details. Unfortunately due to the coronavirus we were not able to hold the 2020 shows but hope to be back in 2021.

Conditions for all GVEC Shows held in Manor Park, Glossop.

All vehicles to be insured for third party risks as a minimum.

GVEC does not accept any liability for the theft/damage/destruction of Exhibitors goods or property throughout the duration of the Event.

You will be permitted to arrive on Site from 8am– all vehicles must be on site by 10.30am. There is No entry after 10.30am.

MAXIMUM speed of 5mph shall apply to all moving vehicles within Manor Park. This will be enforced by marshalls. Use hazard indicators when moving in the park.

Vehicle bonnets may only be open when the vehicle is attended and must have a secondary means of support to prevent injury.

No vehicle movements are permitted between 10.30am and 4pm.

The park railway line is only to be crossed at the single crossing point. The track must not be crossed at any other point.

As part of the online booking process you are asked to confirm that you accept these terms and condition.