Club shows 2018

SSAFA GVEC Car Show October 2018 Poster

May 2018 10th Anniversary ShowMay 2018 Show plaque Ver 2 draft

Thanks to everyone for supporting us and raising money for the wheelchair accessible roundabout in Manor Park. We raised a total of £1657 for the appeal. What a great cause to support.

cheque for FOMP

Results of the judging

The Eric Pass Trophy-1966 Morris 1100/Mr Royle

The 10th Anniversary Trophy-Corvette/Mr R Green

The Mayor’s choice-Ford Cortina/M and G Beck

Pre 1945

1st-MGVA 1938

2nd-Ford Model T Light

Post War (46-65)

1st-Morris Mini Minor/C Downs

2nd-Jaguar 3.8

Classic (66-85)

1st-Triumph TR6/R Foley

2nd-Corvette Stingray/S Curtis

Classic (86-00)

1st-MGRV8/R Lomas

2nd-Panther Kallista/Mr Underwood

Classic (00+)

1st-Mazda MX5/J Lavery

2nd-Honda S 2000/Paul

3rd-Subary WRX/Juels


1st-Black T Bird 669***

2nd-Chevrolet Impala 910***

Thank you to everyone taking part and look forward to seeing you all at the SSAFA Show in October. We will have an online form around August for you to book your place.

October 2017 SSAFA Show in local paper.

We hold two main shows each year in Manor Park, Glossop. For 2018 the Summer Show is on the 12th May and the Autumn Show on the 14th October. All bookings are made online using the online forms in the menu above. The May Show is for all classic vehicles and the October Show has a military theme but of course classics are most welcome. All proceeds from the shows are donated to charities. From the 2017 shows we donated to:

HeadsTogether, Crossroads and the Friends of Manor Park.

Headstogether certificate

In 2016 we donated our shows proceeds to

Glossop Mountain Rescue

Friends of Manor Park


Conditions for all GVEC Shows held in Manor Park, Glossop.

All vehicles to be insured for third party risks as a minimum.

GVEC does not accept any liability for the theft/damage/destruction of Exhibitors goods or property throughout the duration of the Event.

You will be permitted to arrive on Site from 8am– all vehicles must be on site by 10.30am. There is No entry after 10.30am.

MAXIMUM speed of 5mph shall apply to all moving vehicles within Manor Park. This will be enforced by marshalls. Use hazard indicators when moving in the park.

Vehicle bonnets may only be open when the vehicle is attended and must have a secondary means of support to prevent injury.

No vehicle movements are permitted between 10.30am and 4pm.

The park railway line is only to be crossed at the single crossing point. The track must not be crossed at any other point.

I will indemnify and hold harmless the organisers of this event, its officer’s, helpers or any person acting on their instructions or behalf, from any claim for accidental damage or personal injury whatsoever, or death howsoever caused by my participation in the show.

As part of the online booking process you are asked to confirm that you accept these terms and condition.