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Chairmans Chat for May 2021

I start my May Chat with a solemn note as yet another petrol head albeit a Royal petrol head, HRH Prince Philip leaves this world, RIP Sir and thank you for your devotion and service to our nation.

We still have some restrictions on what we can and can’t do. But there are no restrictions on getting out with our classics. We are still unable to arrange our evening dinner drives and Sunday lunch drives, but we can still take to the roads. We will look at organising a drive for June 6th and June 27th we will let you know once we have these in place.

Drive It Day event was quieter than usual but that was to be expected under the current climate. Never the less a great success and members that joined in, on the un-official event, kept to the government guidelines. It was great to see members, take to the road and enjoy the day. We had over 20 members turn up to the start point; it was great to see some new members join us for the first drive of the year.

It was very nice to receive some feedback from one our newest members who said “he was also a member of Saab Club and had been introduced to us by another Saab GVEC member. We were advertised as a great friendly club with a brilliant mix of cars with an active calendar of events.” That is great feedback and we thank the Saab club for their kind comments in their advertising of our club.

After the “Drive it Day” drive we also had feedback, that there was a lack of toilet facilities and the destination was closed. When we do our research for drives, we do check out the final destination, unfortunately due to the current climate we cannot guarantee that all will be as we planned.

We do normally like to end at a destination of interest, or a pub / eatery, this has been more difficult to organise this last year, as places of interest have been closed and pub / eateries have been choosing when they open and close. Let us hope this will all be behind us and we can get back to more normality.

Just for those who have difficulty in the bladder department (as we get older it gets worse) you can get a “He / She Wee”. For more details on these products go on line. We do have some members with these items, but they are reluctant to loan them out. “LOL”.  However we do have a member that demonstrated how to use this item at a car show, I am sure if I asked we could persuede this person to give  a demonstration.  I wouldn’t dream of disclosing his/her name. “LOL”. Answers to who you think the demonstrator of the He /She Wee is, please send then on a post card to GVEC (He /She Wee ) Glossop Car Club, Glossop, Derbyshire.

Our next big event will be the Derbyshire Car Museum “The Great British Car Journey”on Saturday 22nd May. There is a charge of £10 per person for this trip; this is a reduction of £5 per person for GVEC members. We have over 35 cars already booked down for this event. Due to the popularity of this event by our members the booking is now closed. GVEC members will be displaying their cars in front of the museum. We will send out details on the drive to this event the week before. You can of course make your own way to the event.

Your car does not have to be a British Car to join us. This is a GVEC CLUB event.

 I sent an email to BVPG to ask about their shows, which are popular with some of our members I have received this response

Good morning Michael, 

We are waiting for the councils to get back to us regarding Stanley Park & Lytham Green, we won’t get to know anything until the end of June , Jubilee Gardens is cancelled in May, as you will understand it’s very hard for us to be able to police such big events having no way to stop the public coming in, so we will have to see.

Please check our website for any updates, 


Keep well Regards Pat

The details for the Rotary Club Show on the 18th July are

 Rotary Club Charity Motor Show on Sunday 18th July 2021 at Frodsham Community Centre, Fluin Lane, Frodsham, Cheshire, with the show open to the public from 10am to 4pm. This providing the government covid-19 restrictions get relaxed as currently proposed to allow the event to take place.

A condition of exhibiting will be that all vehicle movement must be completed before the gates open to the public at 10am and vehicles will not be allowed to move around or off site until the close of the show, due to concerns about public safety. Please note this will be strictly enforced this year.

You are still able to book on this event I require your details ASAP

Insurance Valuation (Important information)


Just recently a classic vehicle owner had his vehicle wrote off due to an accident that was not his fault Adrian Flux where his insurers. When he put his insurance claim in for the valuation of the vehicle of £6K / £7K, he was only paid £3K. The insurance company stated that the price he paid for the vehicle, which was on his original form from several years ago was only £3K and since he could not prove the valuation of his vehicle since his original purchase price paid that is all they would pay out.

This folks reminded me, to remind all of you, to get an agreed valuation for your vehicles at least every 2 /3 years also send in pictures of your vehicle, front ,rear, both sides and internal, send this off when renewing your insurance, especially if there is an increase in value of your classic.


Forthcoming EVENT Information

Celtic Irish Tour July 15th to 19th There are 2 rooms left on this trip if you are interested on joining GVEC on this trip please let me know.

WALES WEEKEND AWAY SEPTEMBER 16th to 20thThere is still availability on this trip please e-mail me if you are interested.

European trip to Holland 2022 JUNE 2nd till the 8TH. We are still taking bookings for this trip deposits will be required around September.

A Reminder That the BVPG Car show on the 2nd MAY is now cancelled

Chesterfield bank holiday Monday 3rd May classic cars on the market free to show you vehicle. This is not a GVEC club event but GVEC if members are going on this event we will be meeting at Glossop Town Hall at 8.00am leaving for 8.15am. There is no guarantee we will get on the space allotted but at least it will be a drive out.

The next club outing is Saturday 22nd May, “The Great British Car Journey”, which is now fully booked.

Gawsworth Hall Youngtimer Car Show

Bank Holiday, 31 May 2021 This event is not a GVEC club event but there a quite a few GVEC members going. You will need to book this event as an individual and then on arrival look for the club members. There will be a GVEC banner flying

We are still unable to attend quite a number of classic shows.

To keep active with our classics ,we currently have two potential dates for drives 6th & 27th June.

We have a committee meeting on May 6th, we will notify you about these two dates after the meeting.

GVEC Car Show at Manor Park in August.

Volunteers wanted for Marshalling, selling raffle tickets, public awareness control due to the current Covid issue and help with getting the Park Ready. Please email if you are able to assist.

Paying tribute to a fellow petrol head

Another month gone by and April was a month that the country lost a gentlemen, who was a credit to our country, HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. If you are a Royalist or not, there is no doubt, about the service he gave to the nation and the loyalty and love to his wife her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth.

HRH Prince Philip love for cars was obvious by his private collection.  PRINCE PHILIP was a lifelong petrol head and had tried his hand at a range of vehicles from Jaguar sports cars to Land Rovers.

The Duke of Edinburgh once owned a stunning Aston Martin Lagonda fitted with a range of special features. In July 1963 he drove away from the Rootes factory at up to 80mph behind the wheel of one of the company’s new Hillman Imps. He has also been photographed behind the wheel of a classic Aston Martin race car at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in 1953. There was also an image of the Duke getting out of a Fiat 500cc during a visit to the Fiat plant in Turin. This is just a few of his collection. RIP Sir.

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Once again thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings

Mike Radcliffe

Club Chair

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