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Chairman’s Chat June (Sleeping Pill)
There will be no Car & Coffee meet in June the next Car & Coffee meet will be July 3rd
For the first time since the club started the Car & Coffee meet, I was able to attend. It was great to meet some of the clubs new members and also great to catch up with many other GVEC members. Thanks to Martin (coffee pod), for bringing the coffee car over to offer snacks and coffee for the meeting. Thanks to Peter at Reliance for allowing the club to use the garage forecourt. It was another good turnout with an ecliptic mix of vehicles.
Buxton Spring Fair
A fantastic turnout from GVEC members for the Buxton Spring Fair, which was held on Bank Holiday Monday. We had over 30 vehicles attend the event. The day was extremely busy, with genuine interest shown by the general public in all the cars on show.
There were lots to do at the spring fair and plenty of varied interesting events going on at the show. The weather was kind to us until around 4pm when it started to rain.
GVEC have been invited to put on a display at the Spring Fair on Bank Holiday Monday the 1st May 2023. A date for your diaries for next year.
Retro Show Report by Dave Swallow
Total Retro – first arranged in 2019 this event has had several delays due to Covid, but this did not impact the overall attendance as hundreds of 70s, 80s and 90s retro classics that turned out for the event in Westmorland. Everything from 70s MGs to 90s Nova’s was on display here and the event was very well laid out and organized. Anyone with an eye for retro vehicles should look to attend this event next year.
Bodrhyddan Hall Report by Dave Swallow
Bodrhyddan hall – only a handful of members turned out for this event, which is a great shame because the sun was shining and as always the organisers had a packed venue full of various classics from all ages. Set in an idyllic background in north Wales this event is always a great day out. The usual show ring was in full effect and although no GVEC members brought home a trophy we all had a lovely day with our classics.
Holland Tour 2nd to 8th June
This GVEC week away in Holland starts on 2nd June we sail from Hull, by now all those on the trip should have their folder with all the information in. If anyone has not received there folder please call me on 07506463621.
Tatton Show 4th & 5th June
The GVEC stand is now fully booked. It is important that if you have booked for 1 or both days that you turn up. If we have a stand that is not full the organisers frown upon this as they could have let other clubs have the stand. It also can affect our ability to book for the next event at Tatton. If you have booked but are unable to attend please notify us ASAP so that we can offer the space to GVEC members on the waiting list. Or call Dave as soon as you know you cannot attend on 07896 885211
New forms for events to assist with confirming numbers for forthcoming events.
To assist the club with confirming numbers for events, we are trying out a new system of booking events on line. Many members still do not inform us if they are attending events, this makes it difficult to keep control on numbers and club stand sizes to book. Each even that we have a GVEC stand at will now be on line with a form. We would ask you to complete the form for each event you would like to attend. We can then make sure we have a correct number when we book events.
Go on line to book your event at http://www.gvec.club.
Direct link to booking form https://forms.gle/cUZxoSrkPzUQD4yD8
Trying to keep the mileage down
We have been looking round to find events nearer to the clubs base, (Glossop) due to the current price of petrol. We have been in contact with several organisations regarding events within a 30 / 40 mile radius of Glossop.
We have received communications from a number of groups with information that will suit our mileage requirements. I am currently in contact with these groups and will be posting alternative events.
If there is already a GVEC stand at an event prior to the new events, we will still be running these events as planned, but there will be an option for members to look at other events. There may not be a club stand at these other events depending on if we have committee members available to organise a club stand. However we will keep you notified on all events and if there is to be a GVEC stand.
New Mills Carnival Saturday 11thJune
We have been asked if we can supply any cars for the New Mills carnival. If any members are interested please let us know.
Manchester Airport Show 12thJune
This is one of the “NEW” events and we will be having a GVEC stand at this event. If anyone would like to join us on this event, can you please fill in the NEW form on line for this event http://www.gvec.club so we can inform the organisers of the number of GVEC members attending.
Peaks & Dales H&H event 17th June
This event is organised by the H&H car club and is an excellent event. There is a charge of £17 to join this event If anyone would like to join this event please contact H&H direct. (NOT GVEC) Contact on Google “ H&H Peaks & Dales”. You will find an application form on line for this event.
June 26th Gullivers World
We have a GVEC stand at this event we need to know if you are joining the club on this event. Please fill in the NEW form on line and complete the form for this event http://www.gvec.club
June 26th Heritage Vehicle Show Ashbourne
This is one of the “NEW” events that have come from our contacting organisations within the radius of 30/40 miles. There will be a GVEC committee member at this event and if any GVEC member who is not going to Gullivers World would like to go on this alterative event please go on line and complete the form for this event http://www.gvec.club
Hathersage Spring Fair Saturday 2ndJuly
A “NEW” event, we will be having a GVEC stand at this show if you would like to join us please go online and complete the form for this event http://www.gvec.club
Didsbury Car Show July 10th
There is a GVEC stand at this event, which we have reserved 30 spaces. It is important that you book direct with the organisers for this event you can book on line at (Google) “Didsbury car show 2022” then click on register and fill in the form remembering to put your club name down GVEC.
Western Park Sheffield July 10th
This is an alternative event and there will be no GVEC stand at this event if you would like to go enquiries to 01952 852100
Update on GVEC car show August 21st
We are now asking GVEC members to book on line for this event and whilst there is no charge for GVEC members, there is an area when you book on line to offer a donation. We do hope members will donate what they can afford. We have many restrictions on our events so this why we are asking members to book on the show.
Numbers already booked by non members are promising and we have already got some traders booked. We also have a pizza van the usual Roy Greens bacon / sausage / burger stand, We now have 2 ice cream vans and Martin from Coffee Pod attending.
We have also got Radio Tameside doing a live morning broadcast from the car show. The radio presenter Mark will be talking to exhibitors and the general public during the morning. They will also promote the event on air for the week running up to the show.
Last year’s was the best attended show we have ever had since incorporation of GVEC lets make this year better still.
What Do Members Want From Their Club?
GVEC committee had a meeting on the 19th May. The topic of discussion was mainly to look at events since Covid the attendance at events has fallen dramatically. Prior to Covid we regularly had over 20 + at third party events and GVEC drives; we are now averaging 6 / 7 turning up for third party events. We do have the odd exception.
There is a lot of research and planning goes into organising third party events and GVEC car drives and we fully understand that members cannot attend all events and also have other interest and priorities in their lives.
This has always been the case that members have these other interests and family priorities. It does not explain why we have an increase in membership, but a fall in attendance at events.
Your committee have put together a questionnaire, which all members should have received. We would ask you all to fill this in and send it back to us. Please make any other comment on the questionnaire you feel is appropriate. We can then look at what you are looking for from your club. We are trying to ensure we cover the requirements for the members and if we can improve what we can put in front of members for them to participate in.

The questionaire can be found on this link.

On Thursday last week the club organised an impromptu evening drive with snacks available. We would like to thank all those that attended the event. We did ask for members to notify us if they were going to attend, once again not everyone that turned up let us know they were attending. This caused delays in getting served and members having to wait quite a while to get their meal. The venue was notified of a small number that would be attending, they were extremely grateful for the people that turned up, but they were caught out because the numbers were far greater than we had tod them. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE it is important that you notify the club if you are attending an event, not only does it help your committee to plan events but it also helps the venue to cater with a better insight of numbers.
That’s All for this month’s sleeping pill
Regards Mike

Club Chairman



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